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workshops & EVENTS

Throughout the year I host various special events and workshops, the themes of which are often linked to the seasons, celebrations and festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. They incorporate my love of nature, Yogasana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and specially crafted meditations. These are truly special and magical events you don’t want to miss out on.



  • Nidra Nights on the first Friday of the month, October 2019-March 2020, 6.30-7.45pm @ The Yoga Tree

  • Sunday Sanctuary Yin Yoga Sessions on the second Sunday of the month, October 2019-March 2020, 5-6.30pm @ Hellesdon Parish Hall

  • Rest, Restore & Return to the Light-A Winter Solstice Solace, Friday December 20th, 6.30-8.30pm @ The Yoga Tree


Spring and Autumn Equinoxes


Spring and Autumn Equinoxes

The Equinoxes occur twice a year, usually in the latter half of the months of March and September. These points in the Year are a time when day and night are in near perfect balance, the balance between day and night, masculine and feminine, active and passive, inner and outer and light and dark are at perfect equlibrium. The Spring or Vernal Equinox represents new light, life and beginnings. The Autumnal Equinox is a time for reflection, of going within and surrendering to the changing season.



  • Pop Saturday March 21st 6.30-8.30pm in your diary for a special Vernal Equinox Yoga Nidra @ The Yoga Tree.

  • Watch this space for our Autumnal Equinox gathering in nature, over the weekend of September 19/20th 2020.


Summer Solstice


Summer solstice

In June we celebrate the power of the Sun when it reaches it's highest point in the sky at the Summer Solstice, with Soulful Sun Salutation sequences to celebrate the power of the Sun and guided Yoga Nidra and meditation designed to support you in bringing your projects and ideas to full fruition for the second half of the year.


Saturday June 20th 2020…

  • Soulful Sun Salutations

  • Honouring Mother Earth

  • Deeply nourishing Yoga Nidra

  • Further details to follow…


Winter Solstice



In December at The Winter Solstice, we take a more nurturing approach with Restorative Yoga, which assists you by being fully supported both physically and metaphorically at this darker time of the Year where we look inwards and reflect on the past 6 months and let go of anything that is no longer positive in our lives.



  • Rest, Restore & Return to the Light-Friday December 20th 2019 6.30-8.30pm. A nurturing and nourishing Restorative Yogasana and Yoga Nidra practice @ The Yoga Tree in Norwich. Welcoming in the return of lighter days ahead on the shortest day of the year.


Sunday Sanctuary



During the Autumn and Winter months you have the opportunity to come to The Sunday Sanctuary on the second Sunday of the month and spend an hour and a half in a beautifully nurturing candle and fairy lit space, where you will be guided through a deeply nourishing and relaxing Yin Yoga practice and sumptuous Yoga Nidra.



  • Sunday Sanctuary in the beautifully quaint Hellesdon Parish Hall, Low Road, Hellesdon, Norwich.

  • Monthly sessions on the second Sunday of the month, October 2019-March 2020-5-6.30pm.

  • Bookings for each session are now open…


Nidra Nights



Throughout the darker months of the year, you can experience the wonders of conscious relaxation with monthly guided Yoga Nidra sessions, which are designed to aide you in fully and truly relaxing into your parasympathetic nervous system, giving you the time and space to sink deeply within yourself without any interruptions.



  • Monthly sessions on the first Friday of the month, October 2019-March 2020-6.30-7.45pm at The Yoga Tree in Norwich.

  • Bookings for each session are now open…